About Us

When data loss occurs we search for a company that knows how to fix and recover the data as well as understand the urgency and importance of data recovery. Data Recovery Services is a prominent data recovery company in Dubai and we have seen all kinds of technical issues that may occur resulting in data loss, example your file may get deleted by accident or damaged or may even be corrupted. We at Data Recovery Services understand the pain of losing data. However, all data gone is not always gone forever.

At Data Recovery Services we provide the best data recovery options possible for any type of issue. Our expert technicians are on the clock available for any type of data recovery problem, be it recovering data from the server such as RAID, SSD, and NAS or various files like Photos, Videos, documents and from any device.We provide customers with a data recovery specialist, an expert technician, who is given the task to help recover the data.

There are many companies that promise only data recovery but at Data Recovery Services we provide a smart data recovery plan where a report is sent to you after the technicians have had a look at your damaged, corrupted or deleted files. The report consists of details about the files in the device and what all can be recovered. Data Recovery Services believes in giving the customer the power to choose and decide what should happen to their device. After the report it is their decision to choose repair or not.

About The Team

Our technicians have years of training and experience to deal with various kinds of problems that may occur which results in the loss of data. While DIY (Do It Yourself) methods exist and can help to a certain extent it is difficult to recover data from extremely damaged files. Which is why it is best to seek professional help to proceed with your recovery of data and the repair of the device. Further use of your affected drive could risk the health of your drive data and make it permanently irrecoverable.

Only a data recovery specialist will be able to help you recover all your lost data with proficiency and efficiency.

Apart from that, our expert technicians work on fast data recovery actions and aim to deliver files as soon as possible.

Our Mission

At Data Recovery Services our mission is to give easy data recovery options which is 100% guaranteed to return all your data successfully. Our aim is to provide smart data recovery plans at less cost and high success rate.

We provide expert data recovery technicians who will provide free diagnosis and report of device and what all data is recoverable in detail. It is up to you whether to repair it or to let it go. Giving the customer all the power to choose what happens with their device and data.

Pick UP and
Delivery Services

Many firms providing data recovery find things difficult to recover and give a lengthy as well as a pricey process for data recovery, which is why Data Recovery Services provides easy recovery options with free pickup and delivery of the device to ease the whole process.

There are 4 Easy Steps


Call To Data Recovery Services

share your IT crisis with our Customer happiness ninja’s


Collection of Device

free collection for UAE customers


Diagnosis of IT Crisis

free diagnosis is done by our expert echnicians, followed by a free estimation for your repair.


You say Yes, We fix it

repair will be done only after your approval, along with that free delivery of device whether you get your device repaired or not.